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HOME is a free service where those who work in the field of volunteer management will be able to add useful resources and others in the field will be able to access them. With many people contributing a little we avoid re-inventing the wheel time and time again. Resources can be;
  • Downloadable, real-world examples of forms, manuals or position descriptions
  • Templates & tools for creating resources
  • Tips, ideas and how-to Resources
What do you have that you can share with your peers? You might start with your existing position descriptions, your volunteer manual or your various forms you have volunteers sign (the three most popular items according to our resource survey). Click the Register button on the left to sign to get started.

What's New
We are looking for more contributors!

Give some thought to the materials that you have developed and share them with your peers. Even if there is something similar on the site already, variety in examples even slight, is helpful.

What Others Say

“Having another simple, easy to access clearinghouse of information will only further improve the field of volunteer management resources. Not only will it provide resources, but it sounds like it will provide individuals the professional development opportunity of gaining credibility and credence within the field as they write about the industry from their unique perspective. Thanks for offering this additional opportunity!”
Meghan Kaskoun - Manager of Cyber-VPM, Co-Founder of AVPPA

"I am lucky enough to travel and train many volunteer leaders each year, and I am constantly being asked whether I can refer attendees to a particular application form or template of one kind or another. Having all of these documents in one 'clearing house' is a wonderful idea, and one I am certain will prove a beneficial tool to VPMs the world over."
Andy Fryar - Director & Founder - OzVPM

"Anything that helps people navigate their way through the vast ocean of volunteer management resources and find those islands of relevant information that will help them in their work is a welcome addition to the field."
Rob Jackson - Founder of UKVPM

"Wow! Thank you, Tony, for creating this site that truly fills a gap in online resources for leaders of volunteer efforts. Everyone always wants to see examples of real-life materials that colleagues have worked hard to develop and already proven useful. Sites like offer important information but haven’t collected those sought-after templates and other tools. If our colleagues rise to the occasion and share what they have, over time will be a treasure trove of idea starters!"
Susan J. Ellis, President, Energize, Inc.

Our Latest Additions

Volunteer Scholarship Award
     - Sabina J ( Sep 29)
Get To Know You - Volunteer Survey
     - Grace P ( Jul 09)
Data Entry Instructions
     - Alexis Ulrich ( Dec 11)

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